Thursday, August 4, 2016

Two True-Scale WIPs

Started working on my True-Scale marines again.

First up, the mace head came in the mail for the Death Guard Dark Apostle. I think I may shorten the haft just a smidge. I am currently waiting on some 3rd Party shoulder pads to arrive from across the pond for this guy. Once those get here the rest of the build will speed along like a swarm of flys. There will be lots of tubes and severed heads added to him as well.

Next up is the tacked together WIP for an Iron Warriors True-Scale Warsmith. As soon as I saw Krautscientist's amazing Chapter Master made from the Betrayal at Calth Cataphractii Captain, I knew I needed to make a true-scale Iron Warrior out of the same body. The Dark Angels weapon is a place-holder for the Demon Hammer I am envisioning for him.


  1. Both of these models are fantastic! I love the use of the dominus head, it fits perfectly with larger Astarte stature.

    1. Thank you. Just started the IW last night, still a lot left to do.

      I also love that dominus head. I was originally going to use the head from the resin cultist that the speakers came off of when I started sketching out the concept art for the Dark Apostle a couple years ago. But then I saw that Dominus head and immediately knew that was the bit for this project.

      The shoulder pads just showed up in the mail, so I should have some progress shots up later this week.

    2. Excellent, I cannot wait to see the finished model!

  2. Excellent work on both models! I agree with Eric regarding the use of the Dominus head -- an excellent choice indeed!

    The belly/crotch plate on the Warsmith is another ingenious choice! If I have one minor nitpick, it's that I think you should cut the right leg apart directly above the knee and slightly rotate it counter-clockwise, so as to make the stance slightly less awkward (I have done the same with both my conversions based on the Betrayal at Calth Praetor). And maybe the model would profit from a huge, chaotic Iron Halo around his head...?!

    What do you have planned for the hammer head? I could offer you a hammer head from the Wrathmongers or a Dragon Ogre mace, in case you're interested.

    In any case, keep up the amazing work! :)

    1. The Death Guard Dark Apostle should have a large chunk of progress the weekend. I believe I have everything I need to mostly finish him. Just have to suck it up and pull out the Green Stuff! hahaha. I hate GS'ing models.

      Yeah, the Skullcrusher shoulder pad made a great belt buckle once it was cut down! Adding those chains from the Manticore lord helped.

      I do have a spiky plan for behind his head. I am trying to decide if I want to give him a servo arm. May just a few mechadendrites? That will decide which of the two spiky plans to go with.

      As far as the hammer head, I was wanting to use the one from the Varanguard. But that one seems to be really difficult to get a hold of. So I may go for a Wrathmonger one. However, I do have a WE Terminator lord with Wrathmonger hammer planned so I am not sure how much I want to repeat that motif. If the Varanguard doesn't show up in bits stores, I will likely go with Wrathmonger.

      As far as the leg. I am still on the fence. I agree that the base model is improved by the rotation. I found that fix to be brilliant. However, the foot position also makes sense for the way that he will be swinging the hammer. So I am holding off and waiting to do that last. But it is likely I will rotate it.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I am actually having fun hobbying again!

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