Saturday, January 28, 2017

New arrival

Any guesses what I will doing with this Forgeworld Abaddon model?

Pick A Damn Army, your guess doesn't count, since you know...

Sunday, January 8, 2017

blood in

Decided to try a new scheme for Khorne Demons. Wanted to go for something more fleshy and less cartoon bad guy red. Did a red base, dry brushing with khaki up to bone then washing with flesh wash and red wash. Did some spot washes with black. Any way, this is a test piece and was painted fairly quickly. Oh, also I was listening to black metal, so I gave it some corpse paint around it's eyes...

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Long time voyeur, first time WIP'er (for this paint style)

So many ages ago, when White Dwarf was probably either still in the double digits or just graduating into the triples, I saw the now ancient Dark Angels Captain painted up in metallic green. My young mind was blown. I loved it so much. At that time, I was only really into Warhammer Fantasy however, I kept flipping back to that page. Unfortunately, I cannot find the pic of that paint job online, only a bare pewter version of the model as seen below.

Recently, Forgeworld made that image come flooding back to the front of my mind by doing a superb metallic green/blue on the Alpha Legion. That brought me back to the World Eaters and an idea I abandoned long ago. Khorne Berzerkers with dark metallic red armor. Armor that looked like it had been stained red over 10,000 years of savage butchery while vying for the attention of their cruel and bloody god. In a moment of fever dream like impulse, I pulled out the model of Zhufor that was purchased for me as a birthday gift about 9 years back and went to work. Please keep in mind, this is a test piece, not meant to be a final 'show quality' paint job. I do see somethings I might do a little differently to make some of the features, such as the helmet, pop a little more. Also, there is still bare primer left, I do intent to finish the model...

For the metallic red, the model was primed black, dry brushed with brass, highlighted with liberator gold, then washed with earthshade, black and red. Then highlighted again in liberator gold and washed red. I really wanted to capture a dark an worn look to the armor, rather than some squeaky clean new loyalist scum's scheme.