Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A tale of 2 Kharn's (2nd attempt at a Kharn conversion)

The original Kharn model was a mini that helped solidify my love of the World Eaters. Though I have always liked the model I often felt like it lacked a certain sense of movement and as new plastic models started getting released for chaos his proportions started to seem 'off.' I had toyed around with a few different ideas, including a WIP that I posted not too long ago. Then Forge World released Kharn the Bloody, the 30k version of my 40k favorite. It had all the size and movement I could want. So I decided to fuse the two and add a few other bits for good measure. Luckily, despite all the naysaying, the 40k version was released in Finecast. So much easier to cut up. Anyway, here is my WIP so far;

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just cannot stay away from the World Eaters

I know, it is not an Emperor's Children Lord... Just got some bits in the mail for this project I started a while back but didnt know where to go. Some of the new plastic kits gave me inspiration. I was inspired by the artwork of Adrian Smith. I also wanted to give this Terminator Lord a slightly different look. I went for an armor look that kind of resembled Bloodletters. Anyways, here are the tacked together bits, they still need cleaned and detailed since this is still highly WIP'd.
Going to replace the Dark Angels Halberd with this Chaos Halberd.