Sunday, November 22, 2009

defiler update 1

i detailed the 'daemon' cannon with pipes and various power coils.

front view of the left shoulder pad

3/4 view of left shoulder pad

Monday, November 9, 2009

in sickness and in blood, i do build, DEFILER!

i have spent the last few weeks fighting getting sick and losing. as much as i wanted to paint i could not focus. damn watery eyes and sore neck. however, i did get possessed by the urge to convert a defiler. i have never been satisfied with the original model. i loved all the bits but was left feeling, ehh, about the final result. the giant ape armed claws seemed goofy, esspecially for dread CC weapons. the head was akward and sitting on top of an obese hull, perfect for nurgle or orks mind you, not for anything else. so i put the project into the back of my mad brain to let it grow. after several years of ignoring it, it exploded out over the weekend. a few things inspired this conversion. first and foremost it was the genius of roy, he built a defiler with the head coming out of the front of the torso and mounted the cannon on the arm. BRILLIANT! second, i saw a few 4 legged conversions online and i realized that i could convert the front legs to be CC weapons. last, the lovely chaos models that forgeworld has released over the last few years. i had to order some bits to complete this model so now, i wait. for shoulder pads. thanks to rabidchild for donating the defiler kit. anyway, i know that my blog is like playboy, you all just visit for the pictures, so, here they are...