Sunday, June 26, 2016

WIP it, WIP it real good...

Did a little more work this weekend and here are a couple more teaser WIPs of things I am working on in addition to the Dominus;

This is the Dr. He will be in the entourage of the Rogue Inquisitor I am working on...

Here is the Dr's assistant. This will be mounted on the Dr;

And, a Death Guard Dark Apostle, the smoking censor on the cursed croxius is just a place holder until I get the bit I want for it. As much as I think it looks awesome, the Dominus already has a weapon like it;

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The blog awakens...

It has been awhile since my last update.

I was having a crisis of faith trying to figure out what the point was in continuing with the hobby. The cost has gone up dramatically, I am no longer near my old game/hobby group, the idea of getting any games in seemed futile and last but not least life just seemed to be getting in the way. During the last year I had still been visiting hobby sites and reading news. But I just couldn't seem to shake the apathy. After reading several different hobby blogs that were dedicated to just modeling interesting figures without the stress of in game usability (specifically Iron Sleet ) and seeing all these beautiful new GW kits, I started to feel the pulse come back.

I have picked up some bits and my trusty, if somewhat dull, x-acto and started cutting on several projects at once. As a teaser, here is a WIP of my Nurgle aligned Dark Mecanicum Dominus, with a couple of his Festering Embryites;