Sunday, August 7, 2016

Progress on the True-scale Death Guard Dark Apostle

I think there are still a lot of little things to be done however, he is mostly in shape as far as the majority of the work is concerned. Still needs some cables going from the speakers to the backpack as well as some random cables from body to backpack. Also considering some little spikes and shrunken heads. I was originally going to attach the shrunken heads to the curved horns/spikes coming out of the arm under the shoulder pads, but I think that may be too much going on in that one area. Shoulder pads are from Master Crafted Miniatures large should pads section, I totally love these things.

This piece is very much inspired by the work of Adrian Smith.


  1. He continues to look better and better! The shoulderpads look pretty nice. Are they substantially larger than the normal plastic ones?

    1. Yes, I have some pics of them next to CSM Terminator pads and MkIII FW Pads. I was planning on doing a product review by the end of this week. His 'large' pads that are not Cataphractii style are geared towards True-Scale.

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