Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just cannot stay away from the World Eaters

I know, it is not an Emperor's Children Lord... Just got some bits in the mail for this project I started a while back but didnt know where to go. Some of the new plastic kits gave me inspiration. I was inspired by the artwork of Adrian Smith. I also wanted to give this Terminator Lord a slightly different look. I went for an armor look that kind of resembled Bloodletters. Anyways, here are the tacked together bits, they still need cleaned and detailed since this is still highly WIP'd.
Going to replace the Dark Angels Halberd with this Chaos Halberd.


  1. Oh my god, he's amazing! Love the detailing on the armour!

    I had contemplated the same axe conversion, so it'll be really interesting to see yours take shape ;)

    Anyway, great to see new content here! Waiting with bated breath for your next update ;)



  2. Glad you like him!

    Skull detailing on the armor and the jaw bones on the 'skull'der pads are from the Tomb Kings. The 'Horns' on the Juggernaut crest from the Dark Elf Cold Ones kit.

    Cheers back, and keep up your good work!