Monday, October 21, 2013

Some stuff

So, as promised. Here is some stuff. First, I believe that I am going to complete the Emperor's Children Lord that I last posted in May of 2011, sounds like completion and BLOG WAR! to me. Now, I am changing it up somewhat. Using one of the Palatine Blade heads and throwing one of the Hellstrider Crests on top to give it more of a CSM look. Here are the pics below (sorry, still just have my iPhone 4 for a camera at the moment);
Also, here are some WIPs of a Kharn conversion I am toying with;
And, I did get a hand me down Light Box, so here are a couple of old models, a Dark Apostle and a Great Unclean One WIP, in a new light;
OK, what do you think of that Pick a Damn Army!?!

1 comment:

  1. Nice lighting, maybe a bit too much from the sides? Great to see the lightbox bring out all your colors.