Friday, September 13, 2013

HMMM, It has been a long time...

...since I have posted.

I moved to Austin a couple of years back and left my gaming/hobby support group behind.  Oddly enough, I am friends with a guy that hangs with the BoLS folks, but I have still not felt particularly inspired without my co-pilot over at;

He and I have been keeping in regular touch and it seems that he is suffering from a similar discontent, so, we are starting a BlogWar.

There are a lot of half started projects gaining dust.  Expect to see some updates soon...

Deceptiblogs, ATTACK!!!


  1. Autoblogs roll out!
    I saw all the new Space Marine stuff down at Guardian Games tonight. It wasn't inspiring.
    But I did momentarily covet the plastic bloodletters and think of them along side my Blood Pact. Covered in tamiya blood effect.

    1. DO IT! that bloodletter kit is great.

      The pack needs some back up some time.

    2. I was trying to think of something slightly different than the usual red. Like the daemons are dry and dusty, like slate. Almost statues, they are the opposite of life and soak up its essence.

      Dusty greys, with a few areas of low chroma red as if it absorbed blood. Weathering powders in the recesses. A few areas of tamiya blood effect where they have been saturated to the point they cannot absorb any more.

    3. I like it. I once considered painting them as if parts of their bodies were still incorporeal by doing black with stars, like they were part warp still.

  2. ahhh awesome news guys! I'd hate to go all teenage fangirl on you both but your two blogs were the reason I started my own in the first place. Seeing your blogs up and running again might inspire me to make more of an effort on my own. The 40k blues are a cruel mistress

    1. awww man, that is good to hear. glad to be an inspiration.

      it is a cruel mistress, but what is worse is the sadistic $ master.

  3. Aw, man, seems like I missed your return to blogging -- and I was so looking forward to it, too ;)

    Anyway, I agree with Musings of a Smurf above: This blog was one of the most important inspirations for me when getting back into the hobby, and I stole, erm borrowed my fair share of ideas from it.

    Really stoked to see that there may be more. Yay!