Monday, February 20, 2017

World Eaters Dark Apostle WIP

Here is the tacked together WIP of my World Eaters Dark Apostle. The head is still not final. May go with a helmet, may stick with this head, may use another helmetless head. For the belt buckle I am deciding between a Chaos star with Khorne symbol or another skull like thing. Also, there is giant Khorne icon with skull-speaker that will go on the backpack. There will be sacrificial knife in the left hand, in a reverse grip. The right hand will have the Accursed Crozius.

As anyone that may follow my blog can see, I have repurposed the 'skullderpads' from an older WIP that I never finished. The model is based on the FW Traitor Legion Librarian model mixed with bits from the Bloodsecrator (seriously, who names these AoS guys?)and various other kits. Still waiting for all the Crozius bits to arrive.


  1. The Apostle is already looking fantastic! At first I thought the body was not quite Khornate enough, but upon closer examination, there's a certain gladiatorial angle to it that seems like a nice fit. I initially didn't like the sun-shaped belt buckle, but it would probably work really well with a orld Eaters legion symbol decal in the middle.

    I would also definitely keep the head! :)

    1. Thanks! It has been fun to work on.

      Yeah, the buckle is for sure not staying the same. I am just contemplating what bit to swap it out with. There are some cool skulls and such, however, I am considering a Khorne or World Eater symbol since he is already littered with skulls. Hahaha. Not that Khorne can ever be satiated.

  2. Replies
    1. I have the Minotaurs Chaplain helmet on the way. I am considering that one, without the bunny ears since I will also have an icon on the back that I don't want to cover. I am kind of loving the screaming face, however. I will have to see how the helmet looks when it gets in. I might also consider using one of the screaming skull helmets from the Renegade Enforcers.


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