Sunday, September 18, 2016

All about that mace.

Good morning! So, I did a bits trade with Krautscientist over at Eternal Hunt. Originally, I was going to use a demon-hammer head on this conversion as I thought it would be super cool and fluffy. But then Krautscientist waved this Dragon Ogre mace in my face and showed me it's scale and I couldn't help but bite. As I am sure he will tell you, I am pretty stubborn once I have my mind set about how I am going to convert a mini, but dammit, if he wasn't right about this bit being perfect! Thanks man!

At the moment, the mace bits are just pinned in. This isn't the final angle, also I will have to do some Green-stuffing, bleh. In addition, I added a MkIII vambrace to the gauntlet to see how that would work. I feel like it ties in perfectly. Now all that is left is figuring out servo arms configurations...


  1. Glad to be of service ;)

    I do think the mace works rather well, plus it's a bit that you don't see that often in conversions, which I think is a plus! My spontaneous reaction when seeing the updated model was that you should add a piece of chain dangling from the area between the model's left hand and the actual mace head, as a parallel to the chain making up the model's loincloth.

    Do you already have any actual bits in mind for the servo-arm(s)? I think a single arm extending over the left shoulder would be nice (the one on the AdMech Datasmith's backpack is really nifty-looking). And I still think he needs a spiked, chaosy version of an Iron Halo.

    Anyway, keep up the amazing work! :)

    1. I fully agree that there needs to be something hanging in that space to fill it up a little. I was thinking of a wire, cable or pipe, but I will certainly look at a chain. The Skullcrushers kit might have the correct bit. At the moment, I am looking at doing two servo arms. One over the left shoulder. I have the servo arm bit from the Onager Dunecrawler. I am looking at using that one. Then another one on the right side but riding low and visually around elbow length with some kind of ranged weapon. I do have a spiky mantle in mind however, I cannot seem to find the bit in my bits box and I am not 100% sure that I am using this MkIII backpack yet. I may swap it out for the one on Ennox Sorrlock, the Deathwatch Overkill Iron Hands character, or, as Pick A Damn Army suggested to me, one of the MkIII heavy weapons backpacks that has the exhausts point back, thereby making room for the servo arms. So anyway, I have not added the spiky bits yet.

      Thanks again for the bits and as always the support and suggestions.