Monday, April 11, 2011

Dark Apostle WIP


  1. Very nice model, what are the bitz?

  2. phwew!

    -Chaos Space Marine Plasma Pistol right arm, back pack, tusk like spike
    -Possessed, right shoulder pad
    -Dark Angel robed body walking forward, mace arm, left shoulder with tabard, book, purity seals and scroll canisters.
    -Black Templars- breast plate with icons filed off
    -Empire Wizards-, a demon like skull, fire wizard's wand
    -Chaos term axe demon faces cut off and used on the knees.
    -Corpse Cart-various screaming decapitated heads
    -Khorne Berzerkers- little skulls on chains, Skull icon on belt buckle, ForgeWorld head.
    -Vampire Counts Wights- shoulder pads (used as hip armor)
    -Marauder Horsemen- standard topper, skull on chain, small chaos icon.
    -Skaven Screaming Bell- Censor
    -Chaos Term Champ- ground spikes and dangly bits
    -Empire Flagellants- book, skull and scroll
    -Chunk of the Manufactrum building

    i think that is it. i could be missing something.