Sunday, May 16, 2010

world eaters terminator lord


  1. That is some nice work. Great conglomeration of bits. He looks like he's been fighting for 10,000 years and had to put his armor back together from whatever was at hand. I love how you've reversed the terminator lord's base, gives him an interesting movement. The sword is excellent. Will this be a counts-as Abbadon? Or just a Khorne terminator lord with bloodfeeder? I did like Kharn's head in there better, but that's my only reservation.

  2. thanks! he is build out of 8 different kits/models.
    he will most likely be a lord with bloodfeeder/hellblade. i still have zhufor as abbadon.
    the head is not glued in yet. i still cannot decide which i like better. the kharn head will not fit with the rest of the army very well, except with kharn. it is also a total pain in the ass to position.
    this is what happens while i wait for green stuff to dry...

  3. He's a badass lord in millenia old terminator armor, he doesn't have to fit. He makes his minions fit him! Seriously, it just looks like an old mark 5 helmet, which was the testbed for terminator helmets by the way.

    So what are you greenstuffing?

  4. What kits did you use? That looks like nothing I've seen yet from the standard lines. Very impressive.

  5. chaos terminator lord
    chaos terminators
    khorne berzerkers (GW plastic kit)
    soul grinder
    logan grimnar
    chaos knights
    chaos warriors