Monday, April 19, 2010

dread & possessed WIP

dread with brass and first layer of red

possessed with brass and final red

possessed with fleshy tones test piece.


  1. That dread looks like he's either running flat out or was just looking down at someone he squished and then noticed a new target. Is that mechwrite red on him?

    The red on the posessed is nice, I like the brighter sections, nice contrast there. There's a ton of detail on them and I can see your paint slowly bringing it all out. I think the white looks a little stark right now, are you going to work with it more? Some purple would be a nice transition and shade.

  2. no mechwrite. burnt cad red from vallejo, shaded up with vallejo bloody red and citadel foundation solar orange (?)

  3. What are you using for Brass? Dwarf bronze? or are you mixing blood red with gold?

  4. sylovos - ahh ha! here is what i do;

    1-base coat of vallejo model color reflective green #70890. the green base coat helps dull and age the brass. if you want a brighter, cleaner and newer looking brass, base with a terracotta type red brown.
    2-heavy dry brush of vallejo model color brass #70801
    3-mix 1/3rd vallejo model color silver #997 with 2/3rd brass and medium dry brush on the light catching parts of the model.
    4-flip the ratios and do a lighter dry brush on the most light catching parts of the model.
    5-dot the rivets, studs and other spiky, daemony or skully high points with silver.
    6-wash with citadel washes devlan mud. make sure that the high points get a light wash, while the deep and shadowed parts get a heavier portion.

    hope that helps.