Sunday, October 18, 2009

almost there...

here is my mostly done world eaters lord. there are still some small details that I am not done with, in particular, i not sure how i am going to bloody him yet.


  1. Great work so far. He's looking dark and gritty as any properly done Chaos Marine should.


  2. Nice job! The chaos knight weapon is very fitting!

  3. Cool idea. Is that undead model from the corpse cart?

  4. I like the bare bolter arm, makes it look really "rage-y". Keep up the great work!

  5. Ok, I admit it, I was wrong. I didn't think it would come together when we were talking about all the bits. The shorter combi-bolter helped as did the new arm. Is that an ork arm btw, or did you find something else?

    What looked like a busy piece while in progress has been tied together by a solid paint scheme with a limited pallet. Impressive work!

  6. thanks for the compliments.

    warhammer 39,999-yes, the undead 'trophy' rack bit came from the corpse cart. that may be one of the best bits purchases i have made.

    rabidchild-the bare arm section is a beastman arm.