Tuesday, September 15, 2009

and tonight...

...i build!

axe head for my bloodthirster

zerks, next to a rhino. notice the small amount of custom work on the rear?


  1. Amazing design on that axe head, great stuff. The little brass grate on the rhino is subtle, but the gangsta bloodletter isn't.

    Any trophies or extras going on the rhino? I can't wait to see more berzerkers painted up. Did you see you were linked on FTW's tuesday top ten?


  2. holy crap! i am on a top ten!

    thanks for the compliments on the axe head. it had been tormenting me for awhile.

    i do plan on putting some trophies and other chaos things on the rhino. not to many spikes though.

  3. I do love the 'letter on top.

    I can't tell from the picture you have, but is the Khorne symbol on both sides of the ax? What's the plan for the haft?

  4. yes, it is on both sides.

    that haft, i tell you what...

    i have sketched out something curved. not sure how to pull it off yet.