Sunday, August 23, 2009

World Eaters test paint

i bought some new paints and decided to do a test paint for my World Eaters army on an old Kharn model. i am going for a dark and dirty look. like the armor actually gets used. thanks again to daughters of the emperor for use of the camera!
reds are; vallejo model color's burnt cad. red, gory red and a 1/1 mix of gory red with citadel foundation's macharius solar orange.
brass is; undercoat of vallejo color's reflective green and reaper's highland moss with vallejo model color's brass drybrused on highlighted with a 1/1 of the brass and vallejo model color siver lightly drybrushed over the highlights followed by various washes of citadel's devlan mud, gryphonne sepia and a touch of thraka green.
i know i did not drill out the barrell, it is just a test paint!
gore effects; tamiya color's clear red with just a small dab of vallejo game color's black.