Tuesday, July 14, 2009

thats better! i took my bloodthirster on a date to get some glamor shots. thanks to daughter of the emperor and her man for letting me use their far superior photography equipment. your skulls will go with those of the worthy!!!

anyway, i sculpted hair, added spine horns and forearm armor.

my dad can beat up your dad!!!

i love these wings.


there is still much to do; find axe, add little detailing, fill some gaps, cleaning up little mistakes...


  1. Nice work with the greenstuff.. Can't wait to see it all finished!

  2. Looks awesome! even more so with non-blurry pictures. I'm glad he made it through the motorcycle ride.

  3. Bwuh, huh? You can sculpt!? I forgot you were a renaissance man!

    In all seriousness I stared at these with eyebrows up and jaw open. Beautiful work with the hair, love the skulls mixed in. Will he still have two more horns on the top of his skull?

  4. @noxenlux -yeah, i can't wait either. i am forcing myself to be patient.

    @gothfox -he made it safe. thanks again for use of the camera.

    @rabidchild -i am also quite fond of the skulls. it was a total last minute addition. i am still debating horns on top of the head...